Lawn Care Business Software - Benefits

There are many benefits to be realized when using specialized computer software for your
lawn care business. Here are some you could enjoy while using Gardens On Task:

software benefits
  • quick customer records - flexible search features allow you to quickly locate and update customer details for even massive customer lists
  • total integration - automatically turn quotes into work schedules, automatically turn work schedules into invoices
  • less uninvoiced work - using Gardens On Task it is nearly impossible to forget to invoice completed jobs
  • consolidated work orders - print daily work orders for your crews showing customer names, addresses, phone numbers, details of work to be performed, and space to enter hours and extra work details, potentially all on one page per crew
  • special work instructions - gain more control of special customer requests that either appear on all work orders, or only display until the request is complete
  • 10 day frequencies - easily schedule 10 day visit frequencies, often regarded as the ideal lawn maintenance interval, but difficult to implement with a manual system
  • professional image - present clear and appealling quotes and invoices to your customers, including your own logo
  • build customer confidence - provide more details on your invoices which builds better customer confidence
  • e-mail quotes and invoices - easily save quotes and invoices as Adobe PDF documents for e-mailing to customers
  • historical file retrieval - quickly access previous quotes, work orders, and invoices for any customer
  • summary reports - use Gardens On Task's powerful reporting system to create summary reports of: budget vs. actual hours; all customers which have had a certain work item or material (could be used for pesticide application summaries); or anything else you require
  • mail merge reports - create mail merge data sources for almost any criteria imaginable to allow for targetted customer mailouts
  • business growth potential - you will find that by automating your business processes you will be more prepared to welcome new customers (we call this scalability in tech talk)