Crew Scheduling Software - Features

Here is a list of features that help make Gardens On Task such a great asset to your
landscaping business:

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  • total integration from quote to invoice - Quotes will create scheduled items when accepted, which will create invoices when completed.
  • quote templates - Define your own quote templates to help make your estimating quick and easy.
  • week at a glance scheduling - The Schedule By Week window gives you a powerful week at a glance view of all work scheduled for all crews, and includes drag and drop capabilities.
  • flexible work orders - All jobs for one crew for one day are combined into a single work order showing customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and work details. And the layout of the work orders is easily modified on the fly.
  • flexible visit frequencies - Recurring visits are available for daily, weekly, 10 day, biweekly, triweekly, monthly, quarterly schedules, and more.
  • notes fields - You'll find lots of places to enter lots of notes, and long job descriptions.
  • budget vs. actual hours - Tracks both budget and actual man hours, allowing you to view budget vs. actual man hour summary reports.
  • track hours by crew or employee - Hours are normally tracked by crew, but you may also track different hours for each crew member.
  • billing - Fully supports both contract and hourly billing.
  • flexible tax support - Allows for 2 or more tax types to be assigned to any one item.
  • costing - Uses a simple but effective method of applying costs to individual items with a minimum of data entry, allowing for profit analysis.
  • customizable reporting system - Various reports are included such as customer listings, analysis reports, and standard accounting reports. And all reports are easily customized, or new reports can be created.
  • save as PDF - All reports can be saved as Adobe Acrobat PDF files, allowing you to send invoices to your customers by e-mail.
  • mail merge - Custom reports can be created as the data sources for mail merge reports in your word processor. This allows for flexible customer mailouts based on any criteria imaginable.
  • custom logos - Place your own logo on quotes and invoices.
  • import/export - Import and export to/from any data entry window.
  • multi-user support - Fully supports access to the same company database from two or more computers at the same time.
  • user passwords and restricted access - For example, you can give a user access to view and print work orders, but not invoices.
  • multiple company login - Open the demo company at any time, or even create a new demo company as a copy of your live database. Great for experimenting without disrupting your live data.

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  • flexible date entries - Enter as "feb24", "2/24", "2 24" or pick from a calendar.
  • flexible hours entry - Hours can be entered in either decimal format ("1.5") or hours:minutes format ("1:30").
  • field defaults - Easily setup the default value for any data entry field. For example, can set default value for Prov/State to "BC".
  • sort & filter - Easily change sort order and filter for grouping of data during editing and printing.
  • intelligent record locating - For example, while in the invoices entry window you decide to go to the customers entry window to update the phone number. When you get there the correct customer will already be located.
additional features
  • - Automatically generate a "materials summary" at the bottom of each work order to show a total of materials required for the crew for the day.
  • - Optional work slips are available, one slip per visit, saying "we were here today". These are meant to be dropped in the customer's mailbox and include details of work performed.
  • - Invoices can include a "previous charges" section detailing most recent invoices and payments and any outstanding balance.
  • - At the start of a new season the creation of the new schedules can be as simple as the click of a button. Quotes are generated from last year's schedule, including any adjustments and "one time" tasks added throughout the year. A markup percent can also be added. Whether or not the quotes are printed and presented to the customer, they are used to create the schedule for the new year.
  • - Looking for landscaping business software? Our software is easy to use and keeps your business efforts on task.