Gardens On Task is sold either by one time purchase or annual subscription.

Option 1 - Annual Subscription

Basic $119 US per year
Pro $249 US per year
Enterprise $379 US per year

All annual subscriptions include free support and free upgrades for the life of the subscription. And there is no initial setup fee, which makes this an economical and low risk solution for growing companies. Annual price will not change while subscription remains active.

Option 2 - Purchase

Price Extended Support & Upgrades
Basic $479 US $99 US per year
Pro $999 US $199 US per year
Enterprise $1499 US $329 US per year

Purchase price includes 1 year of free support and upgrades. Optional extended support and upgrade plans begin from year two.

Product Features

Gardens On Task comes in three main configurations. Custom configurations are also possible by adding features to a standard package for the specified additional price. For Pro and Enterprise you would only add users, crews and phone support hours since all other features are included.

Feature Basic Pro Enterprise Add-on Subscription Price (US$) Add-on Purchase Price (US$)
User Licenses 1 2 5 $40/user $160/user
Maximum Crews 2 5 30 $10/crew $40/crew
Regenerate Quotes X X $20 $80
Pre-schedule Visit Times X X $20 $80
Pre-schedule Visit Hours X X $20 $80
Schedule By Employee X X $20 $80
Reference IDs X X $20 $80
Custom Logo X X $20 $80
Advanced Reports X X $20 $80
Custom Reports X X $20 $80
Report To .PDF X X $20 $80
Detailed Costs X X $20 $80
Phone Support 1 hours 3 hours 5 hours $60/hour $60/hour
Email Support Free Free Free Free Free
Software Updates Free Free Free Free Free

How To Pay

Please contact On Task Solutions by phone or e-mail to inquire regarding payment options.

E-mail: Sales@OnTaskSolutions.com
Phone: 604-984-7330 (8am to 6pm P.S.T.)