Landscaping Business Software - Testimonials

Great Canadian Landscaping

Our company has been using Gardens On Task since Feb 2007. I never realized the potential of what Paul had created until I started using the program to implement my scheduling & invoicing systems. For years, I was spending hours modifying scheduling spreadsheets and invoices the old fashioned way. Once I started to implement the system, I was astounded at how easy life could have been in the past. Paul has been quick to help me with customer support and questions as they arise. Without a doubt, On Task Solutions has helped me so much by elimanating countless hours of wasted time and created more time to work on the business, increasing our profit, productivity, and quality control. I would recommend anyone that wants to simplify there Landscaping or Maintenance business to try out Gardens On Task. You will thank Paul immensely once you utilize it to the full capabilities that his program holds within.

Thank you Paul and On Task Solutions for all you have done. If it wasn't for your program, I don't know where we would be today!

Chris O'Donohue
The Great Canadian Landscaping Company Ltd

Meridian Landscaping

I have been using Gardens on Task since the spring of 2007 and we love it. Our company has a staff of 25 and we maintain over 80 strata properties so scheduling is critical to the consistency and organization that helps to continue our success. Gardens on Task is the program we use to provide our crews with detailed work orders of properties, times, staff hours and customer requests; we would be lost without it. Being able to use one program to incorporate all communication between the properties, clients and staff, has been incredibly efficient. The staff now has the means to record orders, write notes and check off requests all on one sheet, it's great. Paul has been great in accommodating our many requests and adjusting the program to suit our specific needs. He is very thorough and timely when we have had problems or require assistance. We have a few staff members that are currently using the program and all of us have found it easy to learn, use and navigate. Unfortunately we are a large enough company that we use the services of a book keeper for all of our invoicing and therefore we don't use that component of the program however, we are very happy with all of the other functions available to us in the program. If you are a small to large landscaping company this program would be worth incorporating into your daily routines and would help to keep you organized and efficient, which is essential to succeeding.

Sarah Janzen
Meridian Landscaping Ltd.

Odd Jobs Are Us

Odd Jobs Are Us Inc. has been using Gardens on task since the start of 2008. It has helped our tracking and invoicing systems become more efficient and accurate, which means we can find and fix problems sooner and easier for employees to keep track of hours and supplies. We have always been extremely impressed with Paul's customer support and would highly recommend Gardens on Task to any fast growing service company.

Thanks Paul

Ian K Bemister
Odd Jobs Are Us Inc.